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Bespoke Software Development – Outsourcing Web Development

August 15th, 2018

Custom Application Development – Web Applications That do More

Today, web application development is big business. The amounts of investment funds being poured into web applications is staggering yet one wonders whether this investment is generating the desired results. A web application generally has to work harder than to be a passive application that doesn’t get visitors engaged. Clearly, in today’s tough economic times, web applications development must be aligned with a company’s marketing goals.

Application developers are notorious for ignoring the marketing and customer experience needs of their clients. Backroom programmers may have no comprehension of who is using the web site and what the application is to achieve. Examples of quality web application development are those applications that allow customers to log into a secure area of the site to review progress on work being done on their site.

Web applications need to help you save time and money. Allowing customers to log in, find relevant information, conduct business, or report problems saves your staff time. If your applications are unattractive or too complicated for users to utilize, then it’s time to hire developers who can deliver the right solutions.

Web application developers should provide services in a number of programming languages and platforms, yet many will not. They are one trick ponies. Programmers might choose from Unix, Opensoftware, Windows or Mac based solutions and they may have to use several of them. Amateur’s inability to deliver applications in the appropriate development platforms can leave clients vulnerable in many ways. First of all the application may be in a platform that is not compatible with the client’s customers needs or for plug in ecommerce applications. Porting the incompatible platforms can result in substantial ongoing costs and downtime.

Good programmers will also be using the latest development software, not pirated versions that are years out of date. Some cheap application developers use outdated development software such as old versions of Microsoft Visual Basic. New applications may not even work because the cheap developer didn’t have access to updated tools, documentation, and fixes. The development software firms keep their most current software relevant by making changes that frustrate users of the old software or pirated software. Developers must download the latest versions or have access to the help files to make their applications work.

Since applications have to work with database backends, access to real time information is very important. Using leading database software applications including Oracle, MS Sql, My Sql, and RedHat is best chosen because it suits your application, not because it is the only one they know how to program. Some will have helpful specialties in the web based platforms that are most used such as Microsoft .Net, Adobe ActionScript and PHP. This leaves you with some options that respect your budget.

Security is an issue too. Access to real time security updates and development documentation is critical to ensuring your site can’t be hacked. The release of private customer information can result in expensive lawsuits.

Those using pirated software or who don’t have access to the latest support, are working in the dark. If your application developers are creating bespoke or custom software, then referencing old programming can make your site unusable.

Professional web application developers have an intelligent, consultative approach that begins with a face to face consultation of needs. Users, staff and managers are interviewed to generate all relevant information on how the application will be used. Off the shelf solutions may not deliver needed results, yet customer programming can respond to all user’s requirements. Then a proposal is submitted to you. After the application is up live, the application developer needs to provide training on its use. Or, well stated instructions are built in to help web users use the software. However, a well designed intuitively designed software is a solution that limits the learning curve.

If you’re considering outsourcing Web application development to third world countries where you may seemingly get a price break, consider how ruinous the language barriers might be. Also, what you mean when you web conference them long distance to a different time zone, whether your intended meanings really register with them. Working with developers over a phone without meeting with them frequently in person can result in substantial program errors. The application’s purpose may not be met and it could be treated with contempt by your business partners. Visitors to your site may find it “foreign looking” and just not comfortable.

There’s an old saying that you should keep your web application developers close enough to get your hands around their neck. This is so true. You need that good communication and a developer who can create the right feel and get feedback on how customers are using the applications. The final goal is quality. When you’re pouring money into a web application, it has to be done right.

Free Software for Newbies and Web Developers

August 14th, 2018

Here is some free software tools to help you build your own websites and create web products.

Learning new skills is not difficult. It just takes a bit of willingness to give it a go. You will feel great satisfaction knowing that you can do this stuff.

Zip Utility

HTML Editor

FTP Software

Screen Shot Software

Zip Utility

You just gotta have a zip utility if you intend to spend time on the Internet. I use Winzip for all my zipping and unzipping needs. It is fast and easy to use. If you would like to check out other zip utilities, go to and do a search.

HTML Editor

To build web pages and eBooks, you’ll need some kind of HTML editor. I use 1st Page 2000 for all my HTML editing. It is 100% Free for ever with all features working. This page and web site is being built with this editor.

After the editor is installed, you’ll need some web pages to study. Search Google with the key words “free web page template”. Don’t worry, I just did it. Here is the search results.

Quick Lesson:

All I did to begin learning was to simply open up these templates and study the code from within the editor and try to relate it to what I could see on the actual web page. For example, here is a shot of code from within the HTML editor:

This is a screenshot of some code from this web page. Study the code and relate it to what you see on this page. The red and blue codes are commands which create a hyperlink and cause the link to open in a new browser window.

Take it easy. Learn one command at a time. It won’t be long before you get some web pages happening.

When you are ready to learn some more commands, go to HTML Goodies for a good range of Free tutorials.

FTP Software

To transfer your web site to the Internet, you’ll need an FTP program. Go to to find several Free FTP programs available for download. I like WS_FTP because it is fast to learn and easy to use. Another popular program is CuteFTP.

Screen Shot Software

To capture images from your computer screen, you’ll need a program that will cut the image quickly and easily. I use a freeware program called SRip32. No installation is required and it is very user friendly.

You can also do a search at Google for even more free screen capture software programs.

5 Advantages Of Hiring Dot Net Developers From A Professional Web Development Company

August 13th, 2018

No one can deny the importance and effectiveness of ASP.Net, especially in the web application development segment. The technology is backed up by the industry giant Microsoft which makes sure that the new upgrades continue to provide cutting edge software development capabilities to developers working on it.

Hiring .Net developers for developing custom web solutions is a growing and very popular trend today. Businesses and organizations that require highly functional, secure and feature rich solutions usually Hire .NET Developers and acquire web solutions that are built around their specific business requirements.

5 major advantages of using dedicated .Net resources are as mentioned below.

  1. The .Net technology is one of the best choice for developing websites and web applications, especially enterprise management applications that are required to be highly secure and feature rich. Having fully dedicated .Net resources allows organizations to acquire solutions that can easily enhance their business processes and help them in better management of their business. Experienced developers can provide you with timely solutions that are built well within your expected budget.
  2. With the growing popularity and demand of .Net solutions almost every offshore website development company has started providing these solutions. This has turned out to be a great method of saving on the development cost. As the developers work dedicatedly on your project from offshore locations therefore you don’t have to pay for the development of infrastructure setup, hiring resources and maintaining the setup.
  3. Offshore service providers are highly skilled in their work area. They only hire professionals who are highly talented and skilled. Thus, you can be assured of receiving top notch developers. Further, they maintain good communication with their clients in order to produce solutions that are built around their specific business requirements.
  4. Developers who are provided to clients are usually having experience of more than 2 years. An experienced .Net developer can easily configure the required features in your web solution while maintaining the highest level of quality standards. Further, most of the companies allow clients to choose the resources that they want working on their project. You can take proper interviews and determine the most suitable and skilled resources for your project.
  5. Clients can easily find professional resources that are willing to work on much lower prices as compared to those charged by local service providers. This could be a big opportunity for clients as they can guide these resources to obtain a custom built unique solution. This solution will be able to solve all those minute and unique requirements that none other software can fulfill.

While the rewards are big and can be very beneficial, it is the responsibility of the client to make sure that they are partnering with the right software development company. Clients should conduct proper research and investigation about service provider’s past and present. More reliable information can be acquired by contacting the previous clients of the service provider and inquiring about their experience with them. Further, you can also view the past record of the company over Elance, the online project bidding portal. Elance provides a completely unbiased and 100% accurate information about the registered service providers.