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Reflections on Web Development – It’s All About the Users

Every time I find a bug in our development version of our web application a little parade goes on in my head. Or I’m at the circus and I’ve just knocked over an impossible milk bottle pyramid. I’ve found a flaw that one of our users won’t have to. It feels great.

As the Business Analyst intern for an early-stage tech company, it’s been a wild ride. I’ve marketed and promoted, I’ve made a screencast video for the product’s homepage, I’ve represented the company at a marketing forum, and I’ve written about our product in blurbs and pieces like this. That’s all been a blast-but most new and maybe most rewarding has been helping develop our product through bug testing. I’ve joined my co-workers in the eternal struggle to root out errors by hitting the different browsers (cough…IE) with all I’ve got. And like a fine wine, my appreciation for the process has matured as I’ve realized just how much of a team we really are. None of us are done until everyone has completed their assigned tasks-and tasks are passed around because of the varying experience and expertise of our team. All the while I sit, wide-eyed, and hope to feed the team more and more bugs to seek and destroy.

Beyond finding bugs, I get to partake in our discussions about what we want for the site and for our users. And it’s cool to think that my suggestions and opinions might touch the lives of people around the world. Before I start dreaming big though, I should get back to the grind because we have a release to put out. And I’ll promise this: It’ll be a great one.

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