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Web Developing is a Team Sport

If you have basic knowledge about HTML or can devour the FAQ page of WordPress (a content management system) and install it on a server, you can have a website up and going in about a day.

Now, to design a website that SELLS is quite another story.

You see, in order to come up with a website that makes money, doing it alone can be hard. What you need is a team because who focuses on different parts of the business – this is why I often say that an online business is a team sport.

The Web Designer

This person ensures that the aesthetic value of the website is pleasing to the eye and ensure that the website is easy to navigate. Let’s face it, how the website look to others dictates how people see your company, how reliable you are and if you are professional enough. The designer typically is good with colors, is fantastic with graphics and images.

Hardware and Software Technical Support

Not many people focus on the technical side of things like the server. We assume that it will run on its own and it can’t be THAT bad. Wrong. You need a good firewall to prevent malicious hacking. It needs a 24/7 security because whenever it crashes, not only will you lose money, it frustrates your customers as well.

Finance and Accounting

You need someone who is consistently there to deal with the sales when they come in, close the accounts at the end of every month, allocate funds for development of website, prepare the budget for online marketing, maintaining the website and if there was a loss, work the figures out to find out how much. The very same person will also be in charge of deciding whether it is more cost-effective to hire or outsource.

Online and Offline Marketing

Marketing your website online is important but I am not saying that you can neglect or completely stop advertising yourself offline.

Offline marketing and online marketing when strategized together can be a formidable marketing tool. You first need a good copywriter for both the online and offline efforts, a graphic designer, a printer to develop advertising material, search engine team of experts to optimize and market your website effectively. And for your landing page, hire someone who knows your customers’ buying behavior. And THAT would be your ideal website marketing team!

Customer Service Representative

Modern day consumers are impatient people. They rarely have the time and patience to deal with bad customer service.

Do you remember the last time you complained about not getting prompt response when you send enquiries to Malaysian websites? Can you recall the number of times the promise of ‘three working days response’ not being met?

Your customer service representative is your front man and having a bad one will do your company’s image more damage than you can ever imagine. The fastest response for me on a personal level is 30 minutes and it gave me a very good impression of the company.

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